Events that Greener Duns Attend

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    Greener Duns at U3A COP26

    COP 26 came to Duns on Friday (12th November) in a half-day event designed to capitalise on the discussions held at Glasgow’s climate-change summit. Called COP 26 Duns Reflects and organised by Duns & District u3A,

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    Greener Duns stall at AHFD Harvest Festival

    On Saturday 25th September between 2.00pm and 5.00pm Greener Duns manned their stall at A Heart For Duns Harvest Festival. The event was staged by Keeping Duns Blooming Marvellous in partnership with Abundant Borders. The stall invited people to check their knowledge on which items could be recycled and were encouraged to put the samples in the relevant box. There was also a cardboard tree on which could be posted suggestions to aid sustainability. The event was well attended and refreshments were available.