Clean Air Day with Greener Duns & Duns Primary School

Greener Duns were in Duns market square today June 15th 2023 talking to residents about switching off engines and clean air initiatives.

Greener Duns went into Duns Primary School to ask the children to help design some banners to tackle the problem of car idling within the town. The children were amazed that a car idling for two minutes used enough fuel to cover a mile. They had to guess how long it would take to fill five balloons with exhaust fumes, (two seconds!) , and were horrified that that amounted to 150 balloons per minute. They were keen to improve on Greener Duns signs by working together to make big, bold, bright banners to have more impact.  Greener Duns displayed the children’s artwork and banners that were made from the children’s work.