Our AGM will be held on 22 May 2024 at 7.00pm in Duns Volunteer Hall.

After the formal meeting, you are all welcome to stay for the showing of  The Big Picture’s brand new feature-length documentary, Why Not Scotland? 

About the film…

As we stand at a vital crossroads in the future of our land and seas, Why Not Scotland? explores the Scottish landscape through the eyes of Flo, a young Scot from Glasgow.  Seeing the depleted state of nature across her own country, Flo feels dispirited and, like many of her generation, increasingly fearful about an uncertain future.

However, on a journey around Europe, Flo encounters a different story, finding places where nature is making a dramatic comeback, revitalising human communities.

Encouraged by these stories of hope and renewal, she is prompted to wonder: if this is possible elsewhere, then why not Scotland?